Monday, June 28, 2010

u wanna trade hourlys?


very fresh breakout on the hourly...not confirmed on the daily but i am fairly certain the thrust it has achieved thus far will carry it easily over that hurdle

Stop is 12.53

All indicators have broken out...Also new tool MACD divergence to price indicator flashing a pretty deep 47 %age point gap....that's a nice air pocket needs filling as  Price Headley say's....which by the way you should all purchase something from also, if you are using TOS and want to code a study...go to and get the pro Package...nothing better than paying less than $1 for an fact...get 95 indicators for $75 dollars....and then bottomless indicator code language for life....or something like that.

Conservative approach says anything in TIBX with greater than 80 delta....which allows for anything all the way into LEAP territory for a reasonable guys know what that means.

TIBX...hourly chart below: