Friday, July 23, 2010

Must reads

1. Global warming...over at Ritholtz a great summary of all the bullshit that's out there and why its bullshit.

2. Apple rules the Nazzy...Dave's daily is a daily must read...and sometimes he even does more than just get snarky on the's amazing how many people trade index ETFs and they don't know how sometimes they are overweight certain names.

3. Alphahorn posted...these have become they are always must reads..Alpha was spot on with this correction...and even before that...he is the only waver worth reading...and once I discovered that he decided to stop blogging everyday and instead focus on time with his family or something...anyway he's great...

4.  Turtle rules...I don't know if I mentioned this yet...but save this document to multiple hard drives in case the internet ever blows up.

5. Big Trends....5 things you need to do be like a pro-trader.

I think its kinda silly that I am pointing things out that are on my blogroll...but whatever. I don't know if anyone reads this thing so this is out there just in case someone is reading this.

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