Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trades today: CSTR exit

So...I relieved myself of a short CSTR position I had been holding for some time today.

My adjusted cost basis was after I had taken profits earlier in this trend.

This was one stock that I had been long at one point with a fairly aggressive 60/55 bull put spread....I did this back in May when I thought the rally was sustainable and CSTR at the time was a relative outperformer. Along with NFLX. Anyway these were July contracts and I had given myself plenty of time. Then the correction came and CSTR decided to trade under its 13 day EMA as well as break the %R stops it had put in place. That's when I covered the short on 60 put and let the 55 put ride. The hourly chart had also given signs that there was strength in the downside move.

After I had taken some profits, I decided that the 4 hr chart and the 13 period EMA would regulate this trade. Yesterday it closed above the 4 hr 13 EMA and today it confirmed by closing above yesterday's high.

So that means I was leaving the trade.

I only lament I didn't get out earlier. But still, at one point this was a heavy loss, I recovered that loss and brought in nearly $600..

Closed the last contract for $8.60...profit on total position $580.



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