Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Batting Average...

So...an astute reader asked me what my batting average is for trades I come up with on my own without the direct help of Bob Lang and Price Headley.

Well...its a good thing I tag posts winner and loser.

Anyway thus far (since I started chronicling things on this blog) I have 14 wins and 17 losers. So that's something like batting 0.451 (31 at bats).

Not too shabby I guess...Not too shabby at all. My goal is to get better (had I taken profits on just a few more trades the balance would have tipped in favor of the W column).

I didn't go back and calculate the total $$$$ here...but I am guessing I am barely at a profit or I am at break even...reason is because I can see the accounts and I know that it has been the Big Trends gains that have juiced the accounts thus far.

In any case, I am learning to get out when the going is good and that will improve the batting average...or I guess the Slugging percentage or whatever (not a baseball fan).

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