Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trade: Short BAC...winner


I entered BAC on Tuesday based on a retest I had been waiting for since the first breakdown. I also didn't want to get in ahead of earnings on BAC...

Last Thursday BAC broke down really hard on the hourly chart...astute traders could have gotten in Friday morning as a retest occured at the open...that was the really easy money.

However, BAC was reporting on Tuesday. I wanted to be patient and wait for the indicators to line up and I was actually hoping it would happen after earnings report...well it did retest into earnings on Monday afternoon. Lucky for me it kept having a little bit of strength into Tuesday afternoon.

Post earnings enthusiasm wasn't that great as volume wasn't strong. This is a good case of interpreting multiple timeframes to my advantage. First, the overall picture on the daily and hourly charts had confirmed any "bullish" behavior was an opportunity to get short.

The 11 AM hour showed a Doji candle...followed by a decent red bar for 12PM...Also, the DMI kiss was nearly in effect...So I watched the 15 minute chart unfold and I looked to my trusty 13 EMA on that timeframe. It closed under it right around 12:45PM I decided to take the trade figuring risk reward was decent.

I took the trade when BAC was trading at around $12.30 the top of the day was put in at $12.45...15 cents risk...not bad.

I also looked at the options chart for the Nov $14 was retesting on the bullish side.

Then I picked a target figuring the recent low of $11.74 was a decent place for this baby to go if it were to go down. So I had about $0.15 risk and $0.55 reward.

This was a very easy trade to place. I emailed Bob Lang about it and he said it wasn't good for him...overcoming that comment was probably the hardest part of the trade.

Anyway I fired off 29 contracts of Nov $14 puts for $1.78 outlay $5162

I took profits later that same day as my target of $11.74 was reached I sold 9 contracts for $2.30...$2070

Today I sold 8 more around the accounts for $2.60...gained another $2080

I have 12 contracts still riding the wave here.

Right I have recovered all but $1012...which means the 12 remaining contracts have a cost basis of $0.84.

Currently they are trading at around $2.65...which makes the position worth $3180..overall this is a 41% winner thus far. In only a few days.

On $14 puts that means I can watch BAC come all the way back to $13.15 with comfort knowing that I will not loose one dime...

It just so happens there is a tremendous amount of chart resistance at $ at the very least I think I make $180

But at the very most I make quite a bit more.

My current target for BAC is right around $11. I used Fib extensions to get me that target since no time frame is now is outside all the bands on all the charts and there is no chart support anymore. The 13 EMA on all timeframes is at or below $12 further making these worth something like $2.

BAC could very well be a shitstorm given the foreclosure/trustee loan documentation bullshit. During their conference call they said all was hunky dory with their foreclosure process. Then later that afternoon PIMCO, the NY Fed, Blackrock, and a few other decided to call their bluff and sue their asses for $47 billion in toilet paper they claim BAC has screwed the pooch on.

That is really why I have made some money on this...BAC is like BP during the early days of the oil spill...I think the easy money has been made but more money may still be there for the taking...

Those who have not yet gotten on board...tread carefully and pick decent strikes...and be patient for a retest.


15 min:

Nov $14 Put Hourly chart:

4Hr BAC chart (Look at the volume here):

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