Monday, August 9, 2010

China...must read

Over at TBP, in between making me green with envy about some annual fishing trip Hedge fund managers convened at in Maine this weekend...John Maudlin gives us a long piece about 2 involving state pensions, and the other shitstorm brewin' in China...

All we read about is how wonderful and powerful China is...but John relays something from Simon Hunt...apparently an expert in all things China.

In short, just as we screwed shit up (ala Grande Depression) directly after our Industrial Revolution (the one in the 1920s)...China is on the verge of the same challenges, according to Hunt, they are knee deep in some of the same difficulties we had in our Industrial revolution.

Anyway...go read it, its a doozy, but not everyone talks about shit like how little water there is in China and how much of a problem that is to real growth over there.

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