Friday, September 3, 2010

Update Trade: BKC Long Calls...loser

I wanted to put down my thoughts on this one more time. You may or may not have looked at this chart since I left this trade (but I will post it after this update anyway).

Remember, I entered this trade for various reasons, but the primary reason was that there had been a massive spike in options volume in the October $20 strike that continued over a few days as the underlying got faded. It had matched technical indicators on the hourly chart.

My main mistake on this was probably my choice of trade. The technicals deteriorated rather quickly and i followed my discipline and exited for a small loss. This was prudent for the next few days...and discipline is discipline.

However, what I should have done is go right along with the whale that was picking up these options in the first place. I shoudl have simply defined my risk differently. Instead of getting a higher delta position and stopping myself out if it reached my risk comfort level. I should have simply picked up the out of the money strike calls and put up money I was willing to loose and then just forget about it.

So instead of buying 10 contracts in the 90 delta strike for $1.15...I could have 1. waited for CCI retest, 2. gone with the October $20 strikes paid about 0.60 each contract and bought only 3 or 4 contracts as a "lottery ticket." Simply said..if this whale is right...then I get to ride with him. If he is wrong...then I loose what I would have lost anyway...

I for one will start looking for these types of scenarios a little more closely...the setup here was fairly clear...very high volume in the underlying accompanied by very high volume in the out of the money options.

Anyway here is a chart to enable me to make a shitload of money the next time I see a similar situation...or at the very least...loose the same amount of money.

There are few things more painful than watching a great call fullfill its prophecy WITHOUT being on board and imagining the money you would have made if you were...this is an incredible lesson in matching strategy to the situation and matching risk to reward...but just matching the risk is important enough..

Every trade should begin with the same statement "I am willing to loose X on this trade" I have various ways of making this loss occur and you should always find the way that matches the risk and maximizes the reward at the same time as leaving you in the trade....stay with the trade in this case was more important than the technical breakdown in the stock....because the whales were telegraphing the potential of a takeover...and they were giving you the basic price...If the whale was willing to spend a shitload of money on a strike that was way out of the money...even if it came close to $20 he would profit handsomely.

Anyway its a wonder that the SEC doesn't investigate these types of shenanigans...this was blatantly obvious that someone knew something about this LBO. 

Painful Chart:

This morning BKC violated a retest on CCI. I exited for 0.95 per contract or a loss of 20 cents...$200...I am being very aggressive on defense here on a long that will probably work out...but the market is not really happy looking right now and longs are really hard to justify being in. BKC has a long term down trend in place and fighting that is tough to do.

Anyway I should have waited a little longer to get into this in the first place. Instead of %R retest...I should have waited for a CCI retest. One flaw on this was that DMI difference never went above 30 so that move on Tuesday wasn't confirmed on DMI that may have been the thing that should have kept me away. I let the news about the high options volume cloud my judgment on this one...that whale buying calls in October has a longer term time horizon and a lot more money than he wins...

17.25 was support now it is resistance so that's that...had i waited until this morning to enter I would probably still be in this trade and that is a lesson I will probably end up learning with this one...patience and waiting for that CCI retest is the lesson here...when trading the hourly that's what I needed to do.


As per last night's post, I noticed that BKC had triggered a buy signal on the hourly...I didn't really look at the news until this morning...from flyonthewall:
Burger King is recently up 44c to $17.33 . BKC October 20 calls have traded 234 times on contract volume of 20,620 contracts, above its open interest of 15,300 contracts. October calls are trading at 50c above its theoretical value of 18c according to Track Data , suggesting traders paying expensive prices on the expectations of an upside move.

Indeed, and the action continues this morning...this time in the September $20 strikes.

Anyway...I waited for a %R retest and got in to the October $17.5 for $1.15 each 10 contracts...Let's see what this whale wants to do with this company.

I am busy with charts later.

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