Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off to Paris

So...Thanks to my real job I am going to Paris for the week...I have a lot of open positions on and I am hoping that I can manage them all from my Blackberry in Paris.

Nonetheless...I think I will be placing emergency stops and profit taking triggers to let the computers take over the trading while I am there...being 6 hours ahead of NYSE time doesn't really help if you wind up working through most of the morning's action...I experienced this once before when I went to Lisbon for work...and had open positions...I made stupid maneuvers on a RIG spread back then...

Anyway...this is my first time in Paris and I am excited about that. What I want to accomplish is fairly simple, take some great photos and see the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Montmartre, and le Quartier Latin...I also want to eat like 5 Croissant's per day and drink massive quantities of wine, not to mention eat eat eat every single meal I can until my belly explodes.

I also plan on finishing 2 books on the plane ride (unless I am tempted by the movies on board)...Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Flow by some God awful name impossible to reproduce.

Wanted to share the following link regarding the market...I hope Moby Waller is right...but apparently there was a tremendous amount of open interest in Sep 113, 114, 115 SPY calls...he claims that all this worthless paper frees up the market to actually break through the 1130 mark...I hope he's right...but Friday was awful volume for an S&P rebalancing/Quad witching end of Quarter day....we didn't even trade 2 Bil was on track to be the worse quad witching volume day ever...

Anyway also...this has been making its way through the internets...but go read Micheal Lewis' Greek thing in Vanity Fair...its a gem and it will unfortunately enlighten you that Greece will end in tragedy..

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