Thursday, September 9, 2010

General update

So I signed up for some Big Trends services including the Grand Slam Options and the Options Sniper. GS is handled by Bob Lang, and OS is handled by Price Headley. They take different approaches. I am still figuring out Bob Lang's approach but he is incredibly basic in his approach. He uses RSI, MACD, Volume, %R, Bollinger Bands and MAs...Most on standard settings...but he does fire a lot of trades much so that I can't keep up with it all on the blog if I am to trade all these things.

The Sniper service takes an approach based on multiple time frames but mainly the hourly chart to come up with signals etc. However, I have noticed that he deviates from his own "plan" relatively often. I see many stops that simply get ignored, or I see stops not get violated and then him putting out exit orders anyway.

I guess I should blog on these trades if I can because in the end I have a subscription to these services for 3 months. If I decide to go for the whole year they will have to pay for it with trades. So far Bob is doing a better job in this rally than Price...but it's just a matter of luck, they can't both be trading the same stuff and some trades are going to work out some are not...Price has just been on the not working out side. C'est la vie.

Nonetheless I wanted to explain the lack of blog entries lately, I have been trading a lot with these guys just not documenting the trades all on the blog.

I am going to try to get better at that, but because these guys provide nightly emails with the summary of their thinking and include charts most of the time...its a bit superfluous to blog about it.

This is my journal to document trades first and foremost, so if that is done in emails from Bob and Price then I don't need to do it here.

Perhaps the approach I will take is to post when I think they have deviated from the plan. This is easier to do with Price than with Bob because Price is straight forward about what his plan is based on, but I will get to the bottom of Bob's brain as well.

Anyway that's it. I also decided that I am reading a lot of shitty economics lately so get ready for some economic jibberish from me in between all this trading.


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