Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back from Paris

Ok so Paris went well...I had one really long day of walking around and taking pictures (you can view them here). I accomplished most of the goals with the exception of Monte Martre and finishing the books. I got a little headway in Think and Get Rich...but alas, Babies, Iron Man 2, The Departed and sleeping all took precedent on the plane.

Anyway...I had a decently successful week trading...I got stopped out of EEP, but took profits on F, NOV, ADBE. Also entered some new positions that came through the pipe from Big Trends...anyway not bad and in this case being 6 hours ahead of the market was helpful since I could actually concentrate on work and still put trades in the early afternoon.

What I am saying is that it would be great to move to Europe and trade the US markets...

Anyway I will try to update some of the trades posts that I have done last week but its a busy weekend and I am also getting over a cold that I caught in Paris. C'est la vie.

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