Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trade: Long XOM...winner

Got the order to get rid of XOM this morning prior to the open and set an order for selling at $2.75...that turned out to be premature as it traded much higher...the order to sell from Extreme was based on yesterdays crappy action in the 15 minute chart...but in hindsight...not sure i want to be placing orders like this right at the open...silly....anyway nothing to write home about 15 cents per contract total $75 profit...

In Extreme today got the signal to open a long position in XOM with the September $27.50 calls. Got in at a cost basis of $2.60 each. For the most part I have 5 contracts...However, I messed up the IRA amount and I wound up with 15 contracts...I may have to cut out on this one before receiving the exit instructions as it is too much of a position to have on...and even the boys at Big Trends are wrong on a few trades.

This is a weak trade already XOM sold off the rest of the day. The only bright spot is that it is barely holding 50 on the hourly %R, and volume was weak today.




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