Thursday, September 30, 2010

A few recent trades

OK. So Bob Lang got us out of ADBE for a decent 40% win just before they released earnings and took a nose dive...Thanks Bob.

So far in the Month of September every single trade Bob Lang has posted as part of the Grand Slam service has been a winner however slight or large....He hasn't posted many new trades and currently we are holding some HAL, QLGC, and NVDA calls.

Headley's Sniper service hasn't been as lucky with a few loser like SNDK but overall these services have pumped the accounts decently.

Just 2 days ago I fired off a trade on some MCP calls based on a retest...well the retest kept going. It caused some serious pain as it broke through some major technical stops (CCI 0 test was about the only thing that held on the hourly)...on the daily thought it was a bend don't break scenario....well my money management stops had also been triggered and I was in meetings all day so I took a loss bigger than my normal loss...this was hard because that bottom level held and of course it has been rallying ever since.

So big loss was taken and there isn't much to say about it except it was a tough trade, I almost toughed it out and at the very least I didn't panic at the bottom.

I put my order in for a higher price waiting for a rebound in the selling...bought them at $5.50 sold'em for $3...this sucks...but that's the way it is. I had to exit based on my rules...

In this case I should have put some trade triggers in but that would still result in a sizable loss....anyway the accounts all suffered about 2.5% losses on this one...or grand total of $2250 loss.

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